My story -  I had a 30 year career in corporate America. During that time I had the opportunity to travel internationally and to work cross culturally.  In my spare time I did as much traveling as I could.

I loved the excitement of going somewhere new and I still do. Experience brought me a unique sense of comfort traveling on my own.  

Solo travel makes visiting places as a local more likely.  I love to travel at my own pace and when nice opportunities come about, the decision to accept them are all mine.  Serendipity happens more frequently now and I am enjoying it!

Along the way I went to places that made my family and friends anxious. It didn't stop me - but it did prompt me to keep in more frequent contact.

I early retired in 2014 and I began a new career as an entrepreneur focused on travel coaching, motivational speaking and tour leading. I'm helping solo travelers gain insights, develop their travel skills and to find travel buddies.  

I focus on the "where" and the "how" of solo traveling and travel networking as enablers to experiencing vibrant, exceptional journeys.   

Your feedback on the topics I cover or suggestions for future topics are welcome.  Got travel tips?  Please share them.

All the best,